Restaurant Mobile Apps

Restaurant Mobile Apps Review


Stephanie Shih

According to a report from the National Restaurant Association (NRA), there are an increasing number of people who are willing to use mobile apps to order meals and make reservations. Hundreds of mobile apps are being developed to feed this growth.

I’ve sifted through a wide array of these apps and came up with six that I’m most excited about. Check out a brief description about what each app does below. For a more in depth look, head over to my full article on the Software Advice blog: 6 Mobile Apps Restaurant Owners Should Know About.

1. ChowNow

ChowNow is a simple, fast way to order online. ChowNow lets a customer place an order through a restaurant’s website, Faebook page, or ChowNow powered mobile app.

2. Tabbedout

Tabbedout is a mobile payment application. Customers simply open up the app, enter in their information, and click “Open Tab” to manage and pay for their tab on their smartphone.

3. Diner Connection

Diner Connection is an easy-to-use wait-list manager. Diner Connection lets hosts communicate with customers via text message.

4. Uncorkd

Uncorkd is a wine menu app for the iPad. Restaurant owners simply enter in their entire collection of wines into the app and hand the iPad to their customers. Uncorkd can also house extra information like origin, age, and complementary food pairings. 

5. GoPago

GoPago is a mobile ordering app. GoPago lets the customers use their smartphone to browse, order, and pay for food, skip the line entirely.

6. Belly

Belly is a rewards program. Belly gives customers the ability to earn points every time they scan their Belly card or QR code in a restaurant. Once they reach a certain number of points, they are given a reward that is dictated by the restaurant owner.

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