A little about us

A team of designers, developers, strategists and marketers, who work with hospitality businesses globally to excite and delight their customers.

An international approach led from London and New York.

The Ignite Team (December 2018)

Our approach is driven by our values, affectionately known as CHAD



Working together, cross discipline and with you always achieves better results.


To be human is to genuinely connect with people, to endeavor to understand behavior and build trust. No bullshit, direct connection that is instinctively sincere, warm, honest & kind.


Brave by nature, independently minded & not afraid to fail - eager to explore new frontiers. We challenge, we learn, we explore, we test.


A doggedness, constantly driving forwards, a belief in continual incremental improvement.

We continue to deliver great work in hospitality, because each project is based on our values and guided by our core principles.

They’re in everything we do and are what makes Ignite unique.

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People Created by Ignite

People First

Excite Created by Ignite

The Excite Factor

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Test And Challenge

Data Created by Ignite

Driven By Data


Live the experience, really take the time to learn about our clients and fully understand their business, values, attitudes and goals.

People First

It’s what matters to your audience that is most important. Understanding people is at the heart of our work.

The Excite Factor

Brands need to trigger an emotional connection with people to reach them. Determining what it is about you that really excites people is the secret to encouraging them to be loyal long-term customers.


We strive to become true partners for our clients. We are always available to offer friendly advice or to bounce an idea around.

Test & Challenge

Knowledge comes from practice. By trying new technologies and testing new techniques we challenge old thinking and develop exciting new ideas.

Driven By Data

In today’s digital world there is valuable data in everything. We take that data and convert it to actionable information that influences our work.

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If you’re interested in joining our team, please visit or Career Opportunities, we’re always on the look-out for lovely talented people!

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