3 Quick & Easy Tools To Make Interesting Video Content

There are many tools you can use to make awesome video content, here are my top 3.


Aimie Neighbour
Creative Strategist

There’s no doubt that now is the time for video. The engagement figures speak for themselves with Twitter reporting a 150x increase in video views in the last 12 months (helped greatly by their introduction of autoplay back in June 2015) and an expected 13x growth in mobile video views by 2019. If you have the budget it’s certainly worth investing in creative, quality content but if you don’t, or just want some day-to-day organic material, there’s actually a lot of fun you can have creating rich media quickly yourself.

There are many different apps you can download to help you create interesting video content, but here are the top ones I would recommend. They’re easy to use and they’re free!


Vine is an awesome platform, which allows you to create looping videos. The video can only last a maximum of 6 seconds so you’ve got to get creative! Their looping nature makes them mesmerising and you tend to find yourself watching a loop several times! As they’re owned by Twitter, you can integrate your Vine account into your profile and tweet straight from the platform. It’s really easy to use but for a full tutorial with more hints and tips you can visit their ‘How To’ page.


Boomerang is a slightly newer app, launched by Instagram in October 2015. Once again it allows you to create short video clips and it plays them forwards and then backwards (like a Boomerang!) on a loop. Perfect to create really quick video clips which can easily be posted to your Instagram, Facebook or even saved and posted on Vine and Twitter.


If you don’t know already, Periscope is a live streaming app which allows you to ‘explore the world through someone else’s eyes’. You could use it to live stream behind the scenes from your restaurant kitchen, allow people to Q&A your staff or stream events – the possibilities are endless! When you stream a link gets tweeted out to your followers who can click the link to watch or, in January 2016, Periscope made it possible for your streams to be shown live in your Twitter feed! (This feature is only available on iOS at the moment but will be coming to Android soon). Live streaming is still a relatively new phenomenon but it is growing fast so get on it now and stay ahead of the curve!


So there you have it, 3 quick and easy ways to create some exciting video content! Bear in mind though that as good as your smartphone camera might be, it’s never the best quality so if you have the budget it’s worth investing in getting a professional to do it. To find out how we can help you to create and promote quality video content, please get in touch.

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