5 Things You Need To Know For November 2015

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Aimie Neighbour
Creative Strategist

Working in the hospitality business can be very hectic and no matter how organised you intend to be, there’s always something that gets in the way! Here at Ignite we know how hard it is so we’re going to give you a monthly ‘Cheat Sheet’ – a quick summary of what’s been happening and a reminder of future events so you can get your marketing affairs in order.

Without much further ado, here’s what you need to know for November 2015:

1. Mobile Ad Blocking

Need to know: Online ads are a key driver of brand awareness, clicks and revenue in hospitality – so the growth of ad blocking will be a big topic this month and for months to come. In short, it’s inevitable but it won’t kill the industry. TV didn’t kill the cinema, and neither will this kill adverts. For advertisers it’s about creating great quality ads that people don’t mind viewing or interacting with. 

Do say: “There’s an interesting play off between paid for content and the impact of ad blockers on revenue streams for publishers. Ultimately ads are here to stay whether the public like it or not, we just have to create great quality ads.”

Don’t say: “I never see our adverts anyway because I’ve got ad blocker installed.”

2. Instagram Advertising

Need to know: Instagram is the second largest social network with over 400 million monthly active users. Last month it finally opened its doors to allow advertising for everyone, powered by Facebook’s Business Manager. You can now post single images or videos (carousel ads aren’t available yet) to drive website clicks, app downloads, video views or mass awareness. They have also just launched a brand new app called Boomerang which takes bursts of photos and stitches them together to make mini looping videos (much like Vine). This is yet another way your business can be creating fun and interesting social content.

Do say: “We need to be investing in Instagram advertising to reach a new audience. It’s easy to create beautiful and interesting content which we can use to drive people to our website and/or download our app, and then convert them into customers. “

Don’t say: “We don’t need to be advertising on yet another platform.”

3. Emojis in iOS 9.1

Need to know: Last week Apple launched the latest version of iOS9 which included 184 hotly anticipated new emojis. Dominos in the US famously launched their emoji ordering campaign earlier this year and  some hotels have even begun an emoji room service. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go that far, they can just be a fun extra to illustrate your tweets or email subject lines.

Do say: “Emojis are a new language we can use to simply illustrate a tweet or build a whole marketing campaign around. Either way, they’re a bit of fun and we should be thinking about using them as and when appropriate ?.”

Don’t say: “Emojis are just a fad and can make us look unprofessional.”

4. Movember

Need to know: In November it has become common practice for men to grow (often dodgy) facial hair in aid of raising money for men’s health awareness. It has been a popular trend for the hospitality industry to support this campaign with bars and restaurants offering novelty items on the menu with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to charity; last year Pizza Express offered a “Mo’shroom Pizza”.

Do say: “Let’s get involved and do a good thing for charity. We can create a special dish or cocktail or even host an event and donate the proceeds. After all, it’s always a great way to get a few mo’ customers (sorry)”

Don’t say: “We support enough charities, we don’t have time for another.”

5. Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Need to know: Get set for chaos. The last couple of years has seen a stratospheric rise for the two biggest shopping days of the year; Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday will see the masses invade the high streets so make sure your bar/restaurant/café is prepared for the influx of shoppers, hungry and thirsty after a long day of wrestling over TVs. And don’t write off Cyber Monday either, there’s an incredible opportunity for hospitality businesses to get involved too – think Spa Vouchers, Afternoon Tea, Cocktail Classes, Meal Vouchers. 

Do say: “We need to have a strategy in place to prepare for these two days of huge potential revenue. On Black Friday we could do a special offer for shoppers and on Cyber Monday we could sell vouchers online for ‘x/y/z’  in January. It’s a quiet month and this could be an opportunity to get some guaranteed bums on seats in 2016.

Don’t say: “Let’s board up the windows, I saw the chaos last year and we’re not getting involved!”

I hope that’s given you a little bit of insight for what to expect over the next 30 days. If you need help with a digital or social campaign for your hospitality business, please get in touch.

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