5 Top Tips for Google Adwords in Hospitality

5 Top Tips for Google Adwords in hotel and restaurant marketing


Paul West

Google Adwords Advantage

I’ve recently been working on a new Adwords account that we’ve inherited from somebody else. It’s amazing how many people waste money on Google Adwords by not setting the system up properly. Inefficient PPC accounts are a great way to throw money away!

Look at the graph below. By optimising the client’s Adwords account we were able to significantly increase the Click Through Rate (the % of people who view an advert that actually click it), the blue line on the graph, whilst at the same time significantly reducing the Cost Per Click (the amount paid for each click of the adverts), the green line on the graph.

Google Adwords graph

So for a much lower cost we have achieved many more clicks.

How do you do this?

1. Use as many exact matches as possible

2. Test a number of different adverts and pause ineffective adverts

3. Create well grouped Adgroups

4. Be specific with your geographical segmenting

5. Ensure a relevant landing page for the adverts

Don’t waste money with Adwords, use logic and testing to optimise the campaigns.

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