A Generation of Social Butterflies

Why a strong social strategy is now more important than ever.


Charlotte Price
Senior Social Media & Influencer Marketing Specialist

Gen Z & Millennials are becoming an integral audience for many hospitality businesses to ensure long term sustainability. Having grown up with the internet and social media, this generation is 99% more likely to use social media and online reviews to decide on a brand vs previous generations. The user journey has changed with people checking both a website, a social media page (usually Instagram and/or Facebook) before deciding on a bar, restaurant or hotel.  Additionally, the influencer bubble has flipped the world of hospitality with influencers now being key in dictating what’s hot and what’s not, deciding the destiny for many hospitality businesses within an already highly competitive environment. 


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the key channels being used by this generation. Facebook has become a key channel for sharing articles, videos, events and offers. Restaurant guests are more likely to leave a good review on Facebook than any other review site. Instagram is all about sharing both quality and in the moment content. It is a great platform to show your brand story and has a much higher interaction rate with 2.2% per follower vs 0.22% on Facebook. Twitter users have the highest engagement with restaurants vs any other industry with food and drink brands getting 32% of all brand mentions. Youtube lastly, is the new TV amongst Gen Z & Millennials so can be a very powerful tool for audience targeting and advertising. 


As one of the new social media and influencer marketing specialist at Ignite, I have a couple of key predictions to note: 

At Ignite, we have a range of dedicated services including a Social Media Audit to look at what you’ve been doing so far, a Social Strategy to plan what you should be doing, a Social Media Workshop to give in-depth training and ongoing Social Media Marketing to support brands with content direction, organic posting, influencer outreach and community management. If you want to find out more about our social team and our social services, please get in touch.

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