A glorious and hairy Movember

Getting to know Cedric and Jules, our favourite moustaches - and the team members they lived on.


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

December is nearly here, and left behind in the wastes of Movember will be two furry friends we have come to know and love.

Ignite team members Nick and Chabbi graciously donated their upper lips to charity this month and raised close to £1,000! Although peachy profiles will be back in full effect by Monday, we’ve still got so much to remember these magnanimous moustaches by.

We locked down these hairy heroes for the mane event, there’s some bristling journalism below; don’t feel fleeced, we’d never treat this issue as a fluff piece.

Introducing… David Chabbi

Does your moustache have a name? Cedric Diggory – named for another hero, snipped down in his prime.

Does your moustache have a favourite restaurant? Tonkotsu. I visited for the first time this weekend and we loved it! Cedric got very involved, as you can imagine.

Has your moustache been a hit with the babes? Yes and No. Well… My girlfriend says she likes it, whilst all my other friends have had a big ol’ laugh at it.

Are you going to keep him? No. It’s so itchy.

Why is raising money for Movember important to you and your face? I have two reasons: Firstly, because it’s an issue close to the heart of everyone in my family. My Grandad passed away from and struggled with Prostate Cancer for much of his life. It’s also the link to issues of mental health and male suicide – it’s devastating to hear about young men finding no other alternative to their troubles. Encouraging young men to talk and seek counselling is a big issue. I know loads of people who have struggled with that throughout their lives, so I thought it was about time I did something!

Introducing… Nick Smith

Does your moustache have a name? Jules

Does your moustache have a favourite restaurant? Plaquemine Lock. Jules dreams of being a sailor so he likes to be near the ocean (or the canal)

Has your moustache been a hit with the babes? My girlfriend said if I kept it longer than the agreed month she would start growing hair on her legs as a protest (Editor’s note: Nick, if you see leg hair as a threat, I own you)

Are you going to keep him? I’d like to but I’m not sure the world is ready

Why is raising money for Movember important to you and your face? I wanted to raise awareness and raise money to help reduce the rate of male suicide.

Congratulations to Nick and Chabbi for all the money they raised! There’s still time to donate – you can do so HERE! Ignite will match all donations ?

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