Ace Hotel Interior Design – A Unique Hotel Concept

A look at the unique interior design of Ace Hotel New York - a masterstroke in design and marketing ideas.


Sam Trainor-Buckingham

We met with Dieter Cartwright from Warren Red for a Sunday afternoon beer at the Ace Hotel in New York and were impressed. Made by creatives for creatives, they’ve developed a unique hotel that cuts through the crowd in a competitive market place. A few things that caught our attention…

A hotel bar that works

There are lots of hotel bars that work, but it’s not always easy to create something special that is successful throughout the day and night.

During the day, the bar feels like a cross between a creative agency, coffee house and bar:

Ace Hotel Daytime Coffee Bar

Helped greatly by a nifty promotion that offers guests free use of Google’s Chromebook, which they’re free to move around New York with:

Complimentary tablet at Ace Hotel

During the night, the bar evolves into a far more decadent space, which is no easy feat and a credit to interior designers Roman & Williams and vibe nurtured by Ace.

Be known for something – Coffee

Coffees not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Ace Hotel, but their focus on quality is what makes them stand out. Using independent coffee roaster Stumpton Coffee House is a great move that supports the brand. 4pm Sunday – there were queues out the door, just for the coffee.

Unique approach to signage

Turning something boring into a point of interest – every detail counts.

Every Exit Is An Entrance Somewhere Else - Ace Hotel Interior Design

Individual personality – the perfect home?

The rooms are the big attraction here; each hotel room feels like a creative’s perfect apartment. It feels comfortable, unique and different. Loving the design touches here.

Ace Hotel Room Interior Design

Typography & America

The high ceilings and iconic pillars set the tone here, but I was particularly drawn to the leaning ‘A’. It somehow captured the vibe – bringing classic typography into the interiors.

For us Brits, the national flag isn’t often used in this type of context – but it’s a great touch and brings a grounding to the overall design.

Ace Hotel bar design
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