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Quick tip on anchor text linking for SEO blog article


Paul West

Most regular readers of Brightbox will know by now that links to your website help with your search engine optimisation. This article provides a little tip to help maximise the benefit of links that you develop.

There are two types of link that are relevant to SEO: Internal Links and External Links. Internal Links are links within your own website and can be navigation links or links within copy. External Links are links from other websites that take people to a page on your website. Both help your search optimisation.

Links that consist of words allow people to quickly access a page that contains information relevant to those words. This aids the navigation around a website or to a website. The words that make up a link are called Anchor Link Text. The words that you select for your Anchor Link Text should be considered with your search objective keywords in mind because search engines rate that text as relevant in determining how important the destination page is for those keywords.

For example, following is a link to one of our clients, a luxury spa hotel in Kent. The entire text that makes the link is the Anchor Link Text. As one of the search objectives for this hotel is to appear in search results for the people looking for luxury spa hotels in South East England, this link will benefit that objective. When trying to set up external links ask to specify the link text that is used and ensure it is relevant to your search engine objectives.

Similarly, Anchor Link Text can work internally, though to a lesser degree for SEO. This is a link to a blog article on email marketing for hotels. The reader knows that by clicking on the link they will go to a page that is relevant to marketing hotels. As such, search engines will consider that page important for those keywords. Always consider the link text used within your own website with SEO in mind.

In summary, both external and internal links should consist of SEO keyword-relevant text whenever possible but be careful not to always use the exact same keyword terms or phrases. Mix up different terms for the best impact. This is especially important with the recent Google Penguin update.

What do you think about anchor link text to help with SEO? Share your comments with our community below, we’d love to hear what you think!

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