5 Things I Learned During My Work Experience At Ignite

In this ‘Back To School Special’, Kamilla, 16, tells us what she learned during her week at Ignite.


Aimie Neighbour
Creative Strategist

Here at Ignite we’re always excited by fresh ideas and talent. Over the summer we opened our doors to two aspirational young ladies looking for a first hand look at life inside a marketing agency.

The first was Kamilla Goodall, 16, who tells us here, in her own words, about her week of work experience at Ignite:

I’m Kamilla Goodall, 16 years old and I have just finished my GCSEs. In 6th form, I am studying textiles, history and French. I have no idea what I want to do after school. That’s why I came to Ignite, to experiment around and look at options for the future.

5 things I have learned in my week at Ignite:

  1. Tracking and ads

This week I learned that there is such thing as tracking you on the internet. Ads are “sent” to you on sites such as Facebook and the ads pop up that are relevant to you, and your friends. This is very good for companies such as Ignite because they can target audiences that are interested in restaurants and restaurant culture to pull them into their restaurant.

  1. Digital marketing vs account management

There are two different roles at Ignite, one being an account manager and another being a digital marketer. An account manager is more personal with the client going for meetings and being in contact with them. However a digital marketer thinks of strategies for the company as a whole without knowing the client on a 1st person basis.

  1. How you do marketing through campaigns

One way of marketing a company is through a campaign. Social media is so good for promoting these campaigns as you can target customers. An example of one of Ignites campaigns is with D&D. They have worked with D&D to make several campaigns such as “Hot Town” and “Blossom City”.

  1. Meetings

Meetings and conference calls are a new experience for me. I loved sitting in these and really getting the experience of being a marketing professional.

  1. The endless list of softwares

Who knew there was a software to tell you how many people were surfing your website each month and HOW they got to your website! Whether it’s through organic search or through social media, Google analytics can tell you.”


It was a pleasure having you for the week, Kamilla, and we wish you all the best with your A-Levels and the future!


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