CHADfest 2018

A wild and wonderful night out with the Ignite team for our Summer Festival, celebrating our core values


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

After an unusual 48 days of uninterrupted sunshine in London, we were bursting with vitamin D and the spirit of the season for the company’s annual July bash. CHADFest 2018 was a riotous festival-themed event, celebrating our core values – Collaborate, Human, Adventurous, Determined – with a healthy dose of competition thrown into the mix.  

First order of business was SparkShop – a hackathon in which 5 teams developed ideas for a new way to share and save bar and restaurant recommendations, judged by the great Sir Alan Sugar, previously considered inimitable but bravely channelled by our own Paul West. As a team of creative hospitality industry experts with wildly divergent backgrounds and tastes, brought together by our love of London’s drinking and dining scene, Sir Alan knew he’d found just the entrepreneurial crew. After a frenetic afternoon of brainstorming, researching, strategising, design and digital development, our teams pitched ubiquitously groundbreaking ideas. The winning prize was split between two entries whose slightly slicker presentations were impossible to choose between, and with luck, it won’t be long until these ideas will be ready for all the world to see.

chadbot app

After a quick change into our wildest festival gear with enough glitter to dazzle a significant stretch of the Caledonian Road, a text and chalk-based treasure map led us to The Driver where the competition ramped up for CHADfest’s Phase 2. After welcome cocktails and even more glitter, we kicked off the ‘Big CHAD Quiz of the Year’ hosted by our own master MC Chabbi.

The all-encompassing quiz, testing the limits of general knowledge, logic, motor-skills and interpretive play dough sent the mood and volume of the evening soaring. Highlights included a scavenger hunt for clean socks and fresh flowers which sent us scurrying all over Kings Cross, artistic renderings of the CHAD mascot, Bale, and a CHAD values-based music quiz, leaning heavily on Miley Cyrus.

Following dinner, and several of the UK’s finest alcoholic beverages, DJ Chabbi took to the stage once more with a winning smile and anthemic tunes while we – jubilant – twisted, tangoed and twirled until the small hours.

By Rose Tobin

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