Chick n Sours – Clucking Good

I have no idea how I managed to eat it all but I couldn’t bear to leave a single bite!


Aimie Neighbour
Creative Strategist

Having read a review on about this new place in Dalston specialising in fried chicken and sours, I felt like someone had finally answered my prayers! I knew I had to check it out immediately so I WhatsApp’d my friend the website link and in a matter of hours I found myself on the Overground heading east.

The shop front itself was very unassuming but the interior had a quirky, modern diner-kitchen feel with arabesque tiled floors, matching wallpaper, earthy wooden-top tables and an open kitchen service area.  The host was extremely friendly and enthusiastic but by no means ‘in-your-face’, he seated us quickly and as I cast my eye over the evening’s booking sheet I could see that they had a busy night ahead – I was glad we came early so they managed to slot us straight in.


The menu was small but very appealing – I decided to go for the Chicken Tenders with sriracha & soured cream sauce, a side of fries and the House Sour (which featured gin, lemon and raspberry & chilli vinegar) .   The drinks came very quickly and tasted amazing – a sharp and silky sour, just as you would expect.  The food also arrived at lightning speed and the portion size was extremely generous.   I have no idea how I managed to eat it all but I couldn’t bear to leave a single bite!  As I tucked in to my tenders I glanced over at the other diners and I could see that everything they had on their tables looked amazing too, I think I need to do a bit of fasting before my next visit so I can take full advantage of what’s on offer!


Our plates were cleared away and we were offered some of their soft serve ice cream for dessert, topped with crushed Weetabix.  I could see the table beside us were enjoying it, but with a heavy heart and stuffed stomach I wouldn’t have even been able to manage a bite.  I won’t be refusing next time though, that’s for sure!

Even though Chick’n’Sours aren’t our clients (yet?!), here at Ignite the team are always out and about trying out the latest venues and testing the newest trends.  We don’t just work in hospitality; we live it and we love it!  To find out what Ignite can do for your business please get in touch.

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