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Christmas Marketing Tips: Tapping into Influencers

Christmas is a time for joy, a time for family... and a time for MARKETING. It really …



Christmas is a time for joy, a time for family… and a time for MARKETING. It really is the season to sell (if you know how to). With that in mind, here are our top Christmas Influencer Marketing tips to help you tap into social trending pages.


Become part of the Christmas narrative

Christmas marketing is seriously competitive, but brands can reap massive rewards if they manage to tap into the Christmas narrative. Are your artisanal cookies the perfect instagrammable treat to leave out for Santa? Is a glass of your spiced rum the ideal Christmas Eve tipple for parents after sorting through presents? People want to know how your product fits into their Christmas.

Tie your brand into an aspirational narrative. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a HUGE motivator. Think of summer without Pimms, or Easter without Cadbury Creme Eggs. How can your product (or service) make someone’s Christmas that much more Christmas-y?

Make use of micro-influencers

Word of mouth marketing is massive.  84% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and strangers over other marketing channels. This is where micro-influencers (those with around 2k-50k followers) can play their part.

if you find a few influencers you’d like to collaborate with, here’s how you can approach it:

1. Gift posts – lots of influencers will be looking to advise their fans on the best gifts to give this Christmas. If you’d like your product to be one of them, contact a relevant influencer (someone who posts about your market) and send them a package. Make sure to add a note inside from yourself, (this is a good opportunity to remind them of any handles or hashtags to include). Whatever you send, make it personalised. Let them know why you think their followers might like to hear about it.

2. Dream Christmas Dinner – If your business is all about food and drink, encourage an influencer to picture their dream Christmas dinner – and let them know why your brand should get in there! You could even collaborate with other businesses to send out more extensive packages. 

Extra influencer tips: 


In summary: Work out how your brand/product can improve your customer’s Christmas, and create a narrative around it. Work closely with some well-placed micro-influencers, and never underestimate the power of a well-placed #hashtag


If you’d like to know more about influencer marketing, feel free to contact Charlotte Price, our Social Media and Influencer Marketing Specialist –

Merry Marketing!

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