Don’t ‘Takeaway’ An Opportunity – Restaurant Menu Design

Changing your takeaway restaurant menu design can have a dramatic impact on sales. Find out more here >


Michelle Allmark-West
Concept Director

Takeaway menu re-prints are a pretty regular occurrence for some restaurants.

When these are done, it is the perfect opportunity to remind people that you exist. If you send out the same menu with the same pictures and the same colours time after time your audience wont register you after a while. A simple cover change can make all of the difference. We recently changed the cover design for one of our clients – in fact it wasn’t even a redesign – we swapped the colours around so the general look was very different, nothing inside was changed – no new dishes, no price changes, it was amazing to see how much takeaway sales increased. It is a really cheap and simple way of boosting your profile- try it you will be amazed!


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