A Few Email Newsletter Tips For Hotels & Restaurants You Might Not Have Thought Of

A few handy tips for email newsletters you might not have considered from Marketing Consultant Sophie Fraser


Sophie Fraser

Don’t write the sender’s website address at the bottom of the email newsletter

When you write the website address at the bottom of the email newsletter (usually part of the contact details) and someone clicks on it, the user is quickly taken to the Email Software Client’s site (so it can track clicks) and then goes to the actual URL. This is seen as Fish Linking, where a user thinks they are going to a site but are actually taken somewhere different. It will penalise your email and see it as spam therefore sending your mail into user’s junk mail.

Email Newsletter Subject Line

Be careful when considering your words – ‘Gifts’, ‘Prizes’, ‘Win’ are all tricky words that can be seen as spam. This is difficult as words like that can increase open rates but is still worth considering as many emails may end up going straight to into user’s junk mail.


Same principle as the subject line, consider the number of spammy words used in your email newsletter.

Capital Letters (Mainly in titles)

Using all capital letters is seen as ‘shouty’ language and ‘shouty’ language = spam. Use sentence case throughout the content to avoid your email landing in user’s junk mail.

How clean is your database?

The cleaner your database is, the better reputation your email has, resulting in less landing in people’s junk mail. The high bounce back rates results in a poor reputation, and is likely to cause many emails to land in user’s Junk Mail.

Spam Check

Your email software should have a function where you can do a spam check on your email. It’s unlikely to be expensive (around £5) and worth doing. However, the spam check will only really pick up on spammy words so that can be used to help with points 2. and 3. The rest is your management and checking so don’t rely entirely on the Spam Checker.

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