Everything You Need To Know For Hospitality Marketing In 2016 – Part 1

Crib Sheet Special: We’ve scoured every blog on 2016 trends so you don’t have to.


Aimie Neighbour
Creative Strategist

December is one of the craziest and most manic times in the hospitality calendar. You’ve probably barely even had time to think, let alone get clued up on what to expect for the next 12 months.

Despair not, here at Ignite we’ve done all of the leg-work for you so grab a coffee and a well deserved break – here’s the first instalment of everything you need to know for hospitality marketing in 2016:

– Kale vs Calories

The last couple of years have seen us becoming more and more health conscious with kale, avocado and quinoa becoming staples in our diet (FYI – seaweed has been talent-spotted as the next big thing). We know that superfoods have well and truly hit the mainstream when even Jamie Oliver releases a cookbook dedicated to them! People want to know what’s in their food and, like it or not, the war against gluten has only just begun as the rise in ‘free-from’ foods is set to soar in 2016.

Calorie cravers, however, should fear not. As a backlash against all of this healthy goodness, extreme indulgences will be popping up everywhere – from fried chicken, bacon, cheese and maple syrup sandwiched between two waffles, to a five-patty burger and milkshakes topped with donuts. My heart hurts just thinking about it!

– Far Eastern Flavours

Asian flavours have been cropping up in our cuisine quite a lot recently with Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Korean pop-ups and restaurants featuring heavily throughout 2015. This trend is set to continue but keep an eye out for the new kid on the block – Filipino. With its pan-Malaysian, Polynesian, Hispanic, Chinese and American influences, the variety of techniques and flavours are set to take your 2016 taste buds by storm.

NB – While you’re looking East, don’t forget that 2016 will see Brazil host the Olypmics. At this time expect to see some action around South American and Brazilian cuisine too.

– Waste Not, Want Not

Ugly veg is ugly no more. As we become more involved in the authenticity and origins of our food, chefs are getting more involved in their supply chains (if they aren’t farming themselves that is!). Using more ‘wasted’ food isn’t just becoming a trend; chefs and consumers are changing the way they think about waste using everything from stem to root and nose to tail.

– The Blurring of Mealtimes

The growing demand for breakfast, brunch, coffee, afternoon tea, dessert and everything in between should see switched on restaurants extend their opening hours and broadening their menus to keep up.

– Rise of the Big Weekenders

The health conscious kids strike again. As Gen Z comes of age, they generally want to drink less and experience more. To get these 18 – 35 year olds coming to your bar and coming back again, you need to be offering more than just booze.


– Death of the Desktop

2015 saw mobile overtake desktop for the first time. Mobile now leads the way and is no longer an option in how we approach marketing. From SEO to social media, mobile payments to live streaming, a mobile-first approach is the only way forward.

– Mobile Payments

This will be the year when mobile payments will well and truly take off. The speed and ease of mobile payments will become ubiquitous in our everyday lives as smartphones come with wallets as standard and more and more outlets accept payments from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. The UK is leading the way with 46.9% of online transactions taking place on mobile in Q3 of 2015 versus 30% of online transactions globally, according to the ‘Mobile Payments Index’ from technology firm Ayden. Read this blog on our client, flypay, to learn more on the future of mobile payments in the hospitality industry.

– Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality are set to take hold, with the travel and hospitality industries to take advantage by giving users a new virtual way to sample new experiences. It can offer Millennials the immersive, personalised and experience led nights out they yearn for.

– Smart Data

The last couple of years have played host to ‘Big Data’ and 2016 will see this data being turned into meaningful mobile experiences for the users. Digital services and apps will start learning from a user’s behaviour and only presenting them with the information that is useful and makes sense to them.


Stay tuned for part 2.

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