5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Hotel Display Ads

Online display advertising can help drive highly relevant traffic to your hotel’s website.


Amber Clemente
Marketing and Account Manager

Using a mix of digital channels to promote your business is key, but online display advertising (the visual ads you see at the top and sides of websites) can help drive highly relevant traffic to your hotel’s website.  Below are some top tips on why you might use display ads and how to make the most of your campaigns:

As online display ads increase in frequency and importance, brands are putting more emphasis on their creative designs.  Simplicity is key, so be sure to keep your message clear, focused and engaging. This is your chance to sell your brand and make an impression so think about the most important elements of your ad: include a striking visual, a punchy headline and a strong call to action.

It’s easy to fall into the thinking that if you broaden your targeting, you’ll reach enough people that some are bound to click on your ad.  But when it comes to targeting, you need to think quality, not quantity.  It’s more cost-effective and more valuable to narrow your targeting down in order to get more valuable clicks rather than a whole bunch of ain’t-never-gonna-buy clicks.

Ok… not really, but kind of! Remarketing allows you to show ads to customers who have already visited your site as they browse other websites, while dynamic ads let you customise your ads based on customers’ past interactions with your website.  This is an incredibly useful tool, especially for hotels – where customers are likely to shop around and price-compare.  Since the customer’s journey isn’t always a straightforward one, using remarketing allows you to get the right ad in front of the right customer at the right time.

At home in the US, there is this annoying infomercial on TV for a countertop Rotisserie Oven.  The spokesman loves saying the catchphrase over and over – ‘You set it, and forget it!’ – to show the ease of putting in a raw chicken in the afternoon and coming back to a perfectly golden, crispy, succulent bird 6 hours later.
Display advertising IS NOT like a Rotisserie Oven. You can’t set up a campaign and then forget about it.  You must consistently check up on it to make sure it’s running smoothly.  Check your placements, change your bids, adjust your keywords, pause ads that aren’t getting a lot of clicks.  Make tweaks in order to improve on what you’ve learned.  In this case, you won’t get that crispy, golden chicken without constantly checking the oven, basting the chicken and adjusting the temperature.

Marketers love talking about the Marketing Funnel. This is because digital display ads offer them a full-funnel solution. Display ads are a branding medium that can fill the top of your funnel by sending customers to your website. Banner ads also aid mid-funnel objectives by spreading brand awareness and using persuasion assets to encourage sales. And, as mentioned previously, using display remarketing can be a highly effective bottom-of-the-funnel medium to finally convert those prospects into sales.


Display advertising is effective when done properly and it allows you to construct your campaigns depending on your goals and objectives. By having effective display advertising campaigns and combining them with other channels, such as Search PPC, SEO and Social, you will have a well-rounded marketing strategy from which you’ll see many benefits. To find out how display advertising can work for your hospitality business, email

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