Foundations For Design

No great idea ever appears fully formed - there is always a process involved.


Adam Snow
Design Team Manager

“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.”
– Pablo Picasso


No great idea ever appears fully formed – there is always a process involved. A project always starts with a brief, which then has to go through various stages to help you understand the problem you’re solving, find possible solutions, rule out bad ideas and define concepts.

Here at Ignite we approach our branding projects through a structured series of steps before the design even begins:

We start with the Brainstorm –

The first of Ignite’s core values is Collaboration, and this is key at the beginning and throughout the project as it can immediately bring different perspectives to a project and draw out new ideas.

We conduct brainstorming sessions with our team and the client as an informal approach to problem solving that encourages everyone to participate ideas – no matter how quirky they are! This usually brings a diversity of solutions to implement, combine or build from – no single idea in isolation is perfect.


The next step is Mood Boarding…

Put simply a mood board is a collection of images, words and textures collected into a single visual and emotional reference point. The purpose of a mood board is to get both client and designer on the same page at the beginning of a project. It helps the client to get inside the designers head and to visually see the idea they’re trying to communicate. This perspective can then be used as a springboard to further idea and brand generation.


Both of these processes are fundamental to the beginning of a branding or design project as this builds the foundations for all future work.  We have gone through this process with so many clients (most recently MoBa, Artist Residence and Santo) always working collaboratively to achieve a shared vision.

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