A guide to good office culture: is ‘always on’ killing creativity?

A huge part of productivity comes down to employee wellbeing and office culture. Here's our rundown of …



A huge part of productivity comes down to employee wellbeing and office culture. Here’s our rundown of a recent APG talk (video below!) about current office culture trends, and how they’re killing creativity.  

The cost of poor mental health

APGis all about strategy, planning, and getting the best out of business. According to APG, issues related to mental health currently cost companies an average of £1,000 per employee. This happens in the form of:



These problems all point to broader issues to do with staff wellbeing. Do you recognise any of these issues in your current workplace? To improve wellbeing, APG recommends adopting the following four key disconnecting behaviours:

Four key disconnecting behaviours


Handheld devices, such as mobiles and tablets, mean that we’re more plugged in than ever before. However, you need to make sure that you’re plugged into the right things, at the right times. Allowing work-related notifications into your life through these devices, at all hours of the day, is a slippery slope.

Track your screen time, and ask yourself: “is this really me time?”


Goals of a Managing Director

Helen Andrews, one of the APG talkers, summarises her key company objective as follows:

“To provide an environment that enables creative people to do the best work of their lives.”

Ultimately, all companies benefit when their employees feel empowered to do their very best work. Stress is not a consistent or reliable motivator, and offices need to introduce more positive means of reinforcement. Whether you have an office dog, daily wind-down sessions, or a weekly team get-together – small steps such as these can go a long way.

If looking stressed in the key to impress in your office, maybe check out the talk below (and send it along!)


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