Google Remove Right Hand Ads On Search

Changes to Google Search bring the desktop experience closer to mobile


Aimie Neighbour
Creative Strategist

This week Google removed all of its right hand search ads from tablet and desktop search results globally, in favour of four top adverts and ads at the bottom of the page. So what does this mean for your hospitality business?

This change probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to most of us as the average click through rate for Right Hand Side ads were poor on verticals. Advertisers are worried that this change will drive up CPC (Cost-Per-Click) as the competition for the top 4 slots increases, however this change is predicted to level the playing field as having a big budget will no longer be a factor for immediate success. This is good news for the hospitality industry as it should see paid search results for comparison sites suffer, meaning more scope for direct traffic and bookings through your website.

Search for “Sushi Delivery London” last week:

Changes to Google Search

Search for “Sushi Delivery London” today:

Google changes to right hand search PLA


A few things to note:

– Text ads have stopped, however Product Listing Ads are still being shown (see above) as they still have strong user interaction.

– This change is should allow for a better user experience, with consumers being shown more relevant content.

– Now that up to 4 ads can be shown at the top of the page, organic listings will be pushed further down especially on mobile. This is a great time to review your SEO and improve your organic listing.

Ignite is a Google Partnered Agency, the highest accolade an agency can achieve. Amongst other things, this means that new trends are flagged to our team for a faster response and Google support the optimisation of our clients’ advertising campaigns. We have direct access to all of the latest updates and changes to ensure the best ROI for your business, and will be monitoring CPC closely over the next few months.

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