Hotel Consulting In The Bahamas – Week 2

Second week of consultancy in the Bahamas - from operational to marketing strategy.


Michelle Allmark-West
Concept Director

Well we have been here for nearly 2 weeks now and I think we know most of the Island! It does not take long for news to travel – I am sure that even if you just say something out loud the Island knows about it!

There are a few things that have taken a while to get used to, the first is the fact that people do not just have one job for example the taxi driver is also the local police man, the vicar is also the judge and the baker is also the bank manager. The second thing is a little tougher to get to grips with, the pace; as lovely as it is to be in it does mean that if you want to get something done you have to think well ahead as things take so long!! I apologise in advance if when we get back to London we are a little slower! Just go with the flow man!..

Well actually we are not going with the flow in this little office we are trying to be ahead of the flow because we have lots to do in the 3 weeks remaining – oh no, it’s not all kayaking on gin like water with the perfect powder sands and sampling Kalik the local beer, well maybe just a little bit!

As tempting as it was to just get promoting we have been working on the foundations in the past 2 weeks. Paul has now finished the Strategic Marketing Plan which threw up all manor of things, it’s amazing how many hotels and restaurants guess rather than research, equate and evaluate!

Now we have this plan we know what target markets we have, what our product is and how much packages cost and much more. I can now contact the database I have been putting together of 224 third party website to make us visible with the correct package prices and information.

Right must press on there so much to do!

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