Hotel Consulting In The Bahamas

Full hotel consultancy in the Bahamas - from operational to marketing strategy.


Michelle Allmark-West
Concept Director

Paul and I are working in The Bahamas for 5 weeks consulting for Swains Cay Lodge based on a remote island called Andros. We will be working on all aspects of the hotel, marketing, operations, design, online, everything you can think of! We will be very busy, but what a place to be busy, it is stunning and I have never been to somewhere quite so peaceful!! I am a digging this Bahamian vibe but I think after 5 weeks London is going to be a real shock to the system!

We are currently sitting in our little office looking out at the beautiful Caribbean sea. We arrived yesterday, flying into Nassau from London then catching a small plane over to Mangrove Cay, which was a real experience – it was like being in my old 1975 beetle but it had to fly! We sat right behind the pilot and could see every dial in detail, it even had a tree car air freshener hanging in the window screen! I have included a few pics for you to see.

As this is our first day we are just getting to grips with the operation, systems and processes by chatting to all staff members and guests and getting a feel for the place generally. We’re really excited to be helping such a beautiful small hotel. There is much to be done here and Swain’s Cay Lodge has great potential to be a perfect little island escape in Paradise.

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