How Restaurants Can Use Inbound Marketing to Increase Sales

Inbound Marketing is one of the most common and cost effective ways to increase sales in your restaurant.


Amber Clemente
Marketing and Account Manager

Regardless of what life cycle your restaurant is in, you will have undoubtedly considered what and how much marketing you need to do to help drive sales.  Inbound Marketing – a strategy we implement at Ignite – is one of the most common and cost effective ways to increase sales in your restaurant.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the idea of promoting your restaurant through cost-effective channels, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, blogs, e-newsletters, videos and other forms of content marketing.  Inbound Marketing earns customers’ attention without interrupting the flow of what they are doing.  It’s not considered an annoyance or disruption in their day-to-day activity – hence why it works!

At the heart of Inbound Marketing for restaurants is the belief that you always want to drive customers to your website.  By doing this, you can hope to turn your website visitors into bookings, and then, your bookings into revenue.

Examples of Inbound Marketing

Restaurateurs can look to a few different outlets in order to get the ball rolling on their marketing plans.  Here are a few examples of Inbound Marketing which, when time is invested into, can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

SEO – Optimise your website so that Google can easily index your pages. This will help raise your rankings on organic search engine results pages (SERPs) to make you more visible when your customers are looking for you. Do this by adding relevant keywords, page titles, meta descriptions and user-friendly URLs.

Social Media – Drive traffic to your website and connect to your customers via a less formal platform. Having a social media presence keeps you top-of-mind and accessible to your customers.  Social media is very interactive, so monitoring it will take time and effort. But with the right strategy, that effort should pay off!

Email Marketing – With interesting content and sleek designs, you can update your customers to keep them engaged with your brand.

Conversion Rate Optimisation – Once you have created brand awareness in your community, look to turn your regular customers into repeat business. Do this by making it as easy as possible for your website visitors to make that all-important booking.

Reputation Management – Once people are talking about you online, make sure to monitor what they are saying, where they are saying it and how this reflects upon your brand.

How it can help your restaurant

Inbound Marketing is a great foundation to building a multi-channel marketing strategy.  By using tactics like any of the above listed, you can quickly build a steady stream of visitors to your website.  Once you feel like you have a sufficient volume of traffic coming in, you can focus your efforts on making sure more people end up booking, and then turning those customers into loyal, repeat business.

Keep in mind that more online traffic means more bookings, and more bookings means higher sales.  This mantra should be at the heart of your Inbound Marketing strategy. To find out how Ignite can help your hospitality business, get in touch or email

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