What do you need for the perfect Christmas?

It's almost the most important part of the year (in terms of food & drink, at least). …



It’s almost the most important part of the year (in terms of food & drink, at least). Before we break up for the holidays, our Social Media Specialist Charlotte sent a quick quiz around the office, just to find out what makes our Christmases… our Christmases. Here are the best (or most popular) answers, so you can have a fab Christmas too.


Favourite Christmas Sandwich?

This question had a lot of answers (we’re pretty passionate about sandwiches, it turns out) but here are the standouts:

Loads of love for Pret’s Veggie sandwich, and a little love for M&S. The most enthusiastic answer was definitely Salvino’s though. Salvino’s is a little authentic Italian Deli on York Way (just off Camden Road). There’s a certain staff member who visits us, not once a year, but once a month – all the way from Italy. I suspect he’s behind this. If you live in the area – show Salvino’s some love.

Best gift to give?

A little more variety here, but also some common themes (some of us are definitely more difficult to buy for than others… )

Gin is a pretty simple gift. Love is a little harder to pin down. ‘Experiences’ are very popular these days, everyone’s searching for that Instagram-worthy moment. As an office, we’re always looking to reduce our plastic use!


Favourite Christmas drink?

Mulled Mead is a must (if you know, you know). Check out Loxwood Meadworks and find out why it came top of our list.


What are you eating on Christmas Day?

Turkey is off the menu this year! People are all over alternative birds, with a few unexpected answers dotted around. ‘Cola roasted ham’ was also an answer (apparently, it’s a Gino D’ACampo recipe) but I couldn’t bring myself to put it in as a recommendation.

Best TV Advert

Contentious subject, people get serious about Christmas adverts. Apparently somebody cried 3 times to the John Lewis advert, so I think that’s the winner. Much like the food answers, people are going all non-traditional by not watching TV at all.

Which Bar/Restaurant is most festive



Some of our own clients featured here (no surprise, we love them). Drake & Morgan’s Big’loos & Gondolas got a well-deserved shout out, as well as Hicce (at Coal Drops Yard). The Ivy always has a bit of festive magic.

Annnnnnd there we go! That’s how you have a perfect Ignite Christmas. Have a Turkey Sandwich from Salvino’s, give some love on Christmas Day, head down to Hicce for a drink a Negroni (or two), and round it all off with the John Lewis advert.

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas  x

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