The Ignite Weekender 05.10.17

Our recommendations for the best that London has to offer


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

With more than one ‘week’ and ‘festival’ happening in this week’s Weekender, it’s easy to feel jaded by the sheer scale of what’s on offer in this glorious city of ours. It’s always Something Week, right?

The point is that these very specified celebrations of a particular thing just serve to remind us to block out all the noise and concentrate on just one or two things that we really adore.

And we really, really do adore cocktails. Also, seafood. ALSO, a large number of restaurants purporting to have something to do with art.

OK fine, there’s still a lot of choice. But we can’t apologise for being easily distracted millennials who need several stimulating occasions to keep us engaged.

Good thing we’re here really.

Frieze (Restaurants)

Listen, we’re not going to tell anyone if you skip straight past the art and head to one of the festival’s many pop-ups, which include some of London’s best restaurants, all under one roof. With Rita’s, Moro, The River Cafe and La Grotta Ices to choose from, we don’t blame you.

London Cocktail Week

With London absolutely sharking it in this year’s World’s 50 Best Bars, there’s no better time to soak up the Capital’s flourishing cocktail scene. A £10 ticket gains you access to a 300 bar-strong Cocktail Village on Brick Lane, while stars like 69 Colebrook Row, Sager + Wilde Paradise Row and Oriole have £6 cocktails on offer till Sunday.

National Seafood Week

A slight divergence from the norm, as this celebration doesn’t focus on specific venues but instead reminds us that the sea around our lovely country is absolutely brimming with delicious fish. A thread on Ignite’s group chat threw up some incredible recommendations of where to eat the best fish in London this week, and who are we to question… ourselves? Try Neptune, Parsons, J Sheekey, Prawn on the Lawn, Scott’s, Westerns Laundry, Brat and Randall & Aubin for fabulous fish with the Ignite seal of approval.

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