Ignite Weekender 24.08.18

The tastiest treats available this weekend in London.


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

It’s muggy, the sun’s erratic, and there’s a 50% chance that it’s raining as you read this. It must be August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Fear not, because NONE of our weekend plans are weather dependent, they’re weather adjacent. You can sit outside if you feel like it, but there’s absolutely no pressure.

For this reason, we’ve left Notting Hill Carnival off of our list, and also because if you’re the sort of person who likes Carnival, then you really don’t need encouragement from us, do you?

Coercion comes from a strict demand to enjoy yourselves, that’s all!

Smithfield 150

Find your way over to Farringdon on Sunday or Monday and fill up on roller discos, Horrible Histories, an all-female percussion procession, street food and more. Celebrating 150 years of Smithfield Market, London’s vibrant culture and creativity are all on show for free, the boundless entertainment set against the market’s stunning Victorian backdrop.

Carnival East

Tempted by Notting Hill but lacking in drive to deal with a) so many people, b) West London tube stations or c) a hilarious lack of facilities? We hear you, and we’re here for you. The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green is holding it’s own mini-Carnival on Monday, with live jazz, reggae and ska, DJ’s, dancing, and most importantly, FREE JERK CHICKEN. You don’t need to tell us twice; see you there ?.

La Tomatina at Aqua Nueva

This sounds exceedingly fun, but also a bit like the kind of thing you’d take someone to whom you really, really disliked. Whatever your reason for wanting to fling a tomato at someone’s face, up-market Aqua Nueva is providing a judgement-free zone for you to do so. This recreation of one of Spain’s most famous festivals includes Ketel One providing some excellent sounding tomato-based cocktails – as if you needed a reason to go, you vandal.

Images courtesy of Smithfield 150, The Sun Tavern and Aqua Nueva.

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