Ignite Weekender 31.08.18

The tastiest treats available this weekend in London.


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

Spending as much time as we do eating, thinking about eating, talking about eating, etc. etc. etc., it’s only natural that we’ve become pretty passionate about conscientious eating here at Ignite.

We know that food is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to learn about other cultures and along with this comes an interest in what’s going on in the home countries of London’s thriving international food scene.

We were thrilled to hear that one of our favourite restaurants, Hoppers, is throwing a fundraising lunch for disaster relief following devastating floods in Kerala, which have affected many of the restaurants’ staff members’ own families.

We’ve seen the city’s hospitality scene taking great strides to let the world know that food is about more than just consumption, it’s about caring. This is a brilliant example to show that the best way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs.

Following suit, we’ve got a tantalising array of worldwide foodie treats for you this weekend, to satisfy the most ardent of wanderlusting taste buds.

Hoppers Soho Keralan Flood Lunch

In late July 2018, the worst floods in nearly a century washed over the Southern Indian state of Kerala, claiming over 350 lives and displacing at least 82,400. So much of the food at Hoppers is inspired by this region, with many of Hoppers’ kitchens’ team calling Kerala home. On Sunday, they’re throwing a vegetarian Sadya Feast between 12-5pm, with every penny collected on the day, not just their profits, going towards the relief being carried out in Kerala – even the staff members will be there as volunteers, with suppliers donating free or subsidised stock. See you there.


LondonSwedes Crayfish Festival

Roll up your sleeves and go cray for crayfish, tonight and tomorrow at Smith’s Bar & Grill in Paddington. This is LondonSwedes’ seventh annual kräftskiva celebration, with other classic Swedish treats including the ever-popular meatballs and plenty of snaps to help you join in with their (no doubt raucous) drinking songs. Skål!


Chinese Food Festival

Make way for Chinese treats on London’s South Bank this weekend, where masterclasses, street food and a palatable selection of cultural education will go down pretty easily with dumplings. We’re particularly excited to try out Pleasant Lady, one of the hottest newcomers to the London culinary scene.


Images courtesy of Hoppers, LondonSwedes and the Chinese Food Festival.

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