Ignite’s 2019 Trend Predictions

What to look out for in digital, marketing, branding, food and hospitality this year


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

With a departure from the EU looming, 2019 looks uncertain for many. Relax into the knowing arms of Ignite. Our trend forecast is Brexit-proof, we promise!

Check out our key predictions for trends in digital, marketing, branding, food and hospitality for the coming year.


By 2020, digital will account for 65% of total media ad-spend, and programmatic will make up 80% of this. Loosely defined as automated bidding on advertising inventory in real time, the disruptive field of programmatic is at the forefront of the digital media landscape. Ignore it at your peril.


Millennials are the focus of a lot of digital marketing. Brands must work harder than ever for their attention. These days, you’re nobody without an opinion. Social media provides the perfect place t0 get noticed and shout about the issues close to our hearts.  Many brands have traditionally sat on the fence on important topics to avoid isolating potential audiences. However, young consumers now actively reject the brands that aren’t vocal on key issues. Too many causes to choose from? Champion environmental responsibility – there’s no argument.


Merch: a box of matches won’t cut it anymore. Success in the hospitality industry is now a throwback to mobile advertising in 3D. Chefs are rockstars, and foodie influencers the new supermodels. Feed the fan furore and increase profits just like any other famous name. Think iconic design like the Fortnums Hamper, updated for the Instagram age. Try classic, trendy t-shirts, millennial-inspired branded nail decals or ironic, vintage-style fridge magnets. Success in the hospitality industry is now a throwback to mobile advertising in 3D. Team up with a local artist who has a strong following on social media for a good chance of going viral.


Specialist bars dedicated to single tipples like vermouth to mezcal are opening like wildfire. Such is the current craze for unusual alcohols that we knew it wouldn’t be long before a classy new contender came along. Combining nature’s oldest gift and the heritage of centuries with a light and fresh contemporary update, Mead is the drink to watch out for in 2019. Served over ice or mixed into the finest cocktails, honey wine is set to be the new alcohol trend in 2019.


Happy Hour gets a makeover! Restaurants, bars and hotels have been offering discounts and concessions to compensate for slower periods since time immemorial. Now, booking technologies offer a unique, 21st way to update your offer. We predict that 2019 will be the year that “surge pricing” hops out of its taxi and in through your venues’ doors, allowing businesses to automatically offer guests lower prices for off-peak visits.

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