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Spark AR is the Facebook tool previously only open to approved creators within its beta program, however …



Spark AR is the Facebook tool previously only open to approved creators within its beta program, however last week it was opened up for everyone to use.

Custom face filters can be created for IG stories, giving brands the chance to capitalise on the virality that the likes of Nike and Kylie Jenner have been enjoying so far.

Stats show over 1 billion people will have experienced a Spark AR filter already. You may have noticed the VHS and vintage style aesthetics that started popping up on many an influencers story as of late (a Spark creation), so the exposure potential is great and can be a useful growth hack for increasing followers.

Available on both Mac and Windows, it’s being described as the ‘Photoshop for AR’; accessible to all and fairly easy to operate with some existing knowledge.

It’s still fairly new to the market, so the time to jump in and get creative is now before it’s seen as ‘jumping on the bandwagon’, which brands can easily fall foul to.

So how does the hospitality sector utilise this medium?

The obvious uses of this type of technology is within the cosmetic and fashion industries, where filters can be created showcasing the brand’s product. So how does a restaurant or bar take advantage?

In a similar way; showcasing menu items, getting customers to use your filter in their stories when they’re in the venue; there’s various ways to utilise this as a brand recognition tool.

Do I need to know how to code?

Luckily, no. Anyone can create a custom filter simply by downloading the Spark Studio Program and playing around with it. And if you’re new to the world of graphic design, there’s loads of useful guides and resources you can follow.

Ok, but I realllly don’t have the time…

No issue, that’s where your dedicated agency comes in ;). Simply put us to task and let’s see what magic we can create!

To learn more about the custom filters, contact our social team today.






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