Interactive Digital Marketing in Times Square New York

How to attract attention amongst the noise in Times Square? Great example from Forever 21


Sam Trainor-Buckingham

Times Square is an attraction because of advertisements, so much so there is dedicated terrace seating for people to sit and behold the spectacle.

So how to attract attention?

We saw a great advertisement from Forever 21, which successfully cut through the noise. An interactive digital marketing campaign that uses its environment & medium to great effect…

Have the advertisement grab peoples attention by showing them what everyone wants to see – themselves on the big screen:

Times Square Crowd Engagement

As the crowd grows more people stop for their chance to appear on a major screen in Times Square. Take a snap shot of customers waving and display it, keeping the crowd engaged – great experiential marketing.

Interactive Marketing Times Square - Forever 21

The customers experience is then interrupted with an advert:

Engagement Marketing from Forever 21 on Times Square

Whilst I often cite the end of ‘interruption marketing’, you’ll notice the advert is for the Forever 21 store below. A highly successful marketing campaign, which combines engagement and interruption marketing to great effect in one of the most attention competitive environments in the world.

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