Double Dealing

Our Pick Of Multi-Purpose Bars & Restaurants From Around The Globe


Jennie Gundill
Account Manager

On a recent trip to Iceland, I found myself bemused by the number of bizarre multi-purpose restaurants & bars on show in Reykjavik. Apparently the attitude towards drinking alcohol in Iceland (according to our Spanish tour guide) is such that people don’t drink so much during the week but really, really like a party at the weekend. Perhaps this is why, on the Friday night, I found myself in a bar come laundromat. Functional during the day; transformed by night.

Here at Ignite we’re no strangers to unusual hospitality pairings. If you’ve ever checked our glossary you’ll know that we pride ourselves on being able to cater for any type of business; from plubs (pubs which turn into clubs) to delibars (a bar with a delicatessen. Obviously).

You may not notice them on a daily basis but there is an increasing tendency towards these multi-purpose venues. Maybe this is due to the recession, maybe it’s merely a sign that we’re becoming more creative.  Either way, there’s a lot of these around.

Our picks…

Laundromat café, Reykjavik

A café combined with a laundromat where you can eat, drink, read – or do your laundry.Mu

Drink, Shop, Do, London

A design shop and café bar which also hosts ‘doing’ events like ‘Play with Clay 80’s Style’ and ‘Dot to Dot to Disco’.

The Dutch Bike Company, Seattle

Selling city bicycles and a coffee whilst you get that puncture fixed.  Tune-ups, test rides and tea.

The Legal Grind, California

Their website says it all started with a dream and latte. Legal Grind’s Coffee & Counsel has been providing clients with legal advice and americanos since 1996.

Beauty Bar, New York

A salon/saloon bar, offering martinis and manicures.

I’ve also seen a café attached to a dentist, a cat shop-come-café, and furniture shop with a café upstairs.  I’d be keeping the scotch guard to hand if I was them.

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