La Pizzica – What A Difference A Blog Would Make…

La Pizzica has everything a restaurant could want, so where's the blog and social media presence?


Sophie Fraser

This is La Pizzica an Italian Deli come Apertivo Bar at night, which has got the basics and more right.

The interiors are perfect, a typical Italian Deli with sharing tables, window stools and standing tables too. Perfectly capturing the local vibe with a personal touch that runs from the owner to the staff – La Pizzica know authentic Italian cuisine.

Stand Out & Engage

La Pizzica introduces an authentic Italian pastime to the streets of Parsons Green: Aperitivo! Buy one drink and for £1 enjoy Italian apertivo all night.

We’ve seen this introduced in restaurants such as Fornata in Soho, and always admire the integration of cultural eating habits as a way to stand out from the crowd.

The Personal Touch

The food is delicious including some Italian delicacies I am sure you can only get in regional parts of Italy. They know I love spaghetti Aioli, so kindly cook it for me personally whenever I visit – you can’t get better than that.

Locals rave about the overall food, drink and atmosphere and it’s this word of mouth that spreads through Parsons Green. The guys running La Pizzica are ambassadors for promoting what they love: Italian food, laughter and community.

That’s how to run a hospitality business, the product, price, place, and people are just right.

Digital Presence – Attract The New & Engage With The Old

Internet marketing is somewhat lacking. I want to keep engaged with the restaurant / deli even when I’m not there, something that doesn’t happen very often!

Here’s a few quick and easy tips on how to achieve this:

La Pizzica, I know you love what you do, so please share it with us when we’re not actually at the restaurant – share your future plans, love and passion for Italian cuisine and laughter.

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