How Your Restaurant Can Utilise Localised Precision Marketing

Recently Big Hospitality invited us to give a talk at their annual Digital Innovation Forum - here's what we had to say.


Sam Trainor-Buckingham

Recently Big Hospitality (and their sister publication Restaurant Magazine) invited us to give a talk at their annual Digital Innovation Forum, at The Soho Hotel. The presentation focussed on how restaurants can utilise localised, precision marketing; across a mix of digital channels, to reach new customers.

An emerging trend within the restaurant industry; localised precision marketing is about reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time, through the aforementioned digital mix. Be it Facebook Ads, Google+, Remarketing, Search Ads or a combination of channels: the key to this process is combining an understanding your target audience, knowing where they are and which digital channels they use. 

One of the most exciting aspects of local marketing are targeting options available:

Each advertising channel can be geographically targeted. Depending on the location of the restaurant, we usually target within a 10 mile radius.

Geographic Targeting

Through demographic profiling, the opportunities to match your target audience with potential customers, in your locality, are endless. For instance you can target women between 25-30, with one child, who watch X-Factor & like a competitor restaurant!

Demographic Profiling

We employ myriad, precise targeting techniques; such as using existing databases, across a multi-channel mix, to target existing and potential customers, fitting your geographic and demographic criteria
Advanced Targeting

Geographic Location + Demographic Profiling x Advance Techniques = highly precise way of targeting potential customers.

Combined Targeting

For further detail on these techniques, please see the full presentation below:

In the last year we have implemented this process with some of our most innovative and daring clients, using the full channel mix on a hyper-local basis that is geographically targeted to create and capture demand. The clients involved in these campaigns experienced an exponential increase in their year-on-year revenue through digital marketing. To find out more about how Ignite Hospitality Marketing can increase your revenue through localised precision marketing, email

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