Lussmanns Restaurant Hertford Review

A well overdue review of my favourite local restaurant, Lussmanns in Hertford.


Michelle Allmark-West
Concept Director

A well overdue review of my favourite local restaurant, Lussmanns in Hertford. They also have a second site in St. Albans but I haven’t been there yet.

Hubby and I have enjoyed many a meal at this fantastic restaurant in Hertford. It works well for romantic meals, family events and boozier dinners with friends. The reason they pull this off is because their food is consistently excellent without taking themselves too seriously providing an unpretentious, honest atmosphere in the restaurant. Attractively, they also display numerous awards and accreditations relating to sustainability and food sourcing, getting the message across without preaching.

Off we went again last Saturday for yet another amazing dinner, I really have never been disappointed. I am a difficult diner to be honest, a pescatarian who demands sustainable fish. My choices are more limited than most because I only eat seafood and veggie and can’t go near goats cheese though I have never felt limited at Lussmanns. I had the starter of Seared Cornish mackerel served with baby potatoes, spring onions, crème fraîche & Colman’s mustard dressing. Amazing, I cannot fault it, a perfect light summer starter, shame the weather couldn’t match! My man was kept very quiet apart from the occasional positive ‘umm’ with his starter of Hertfordshire free-range chicken liver & Armagnac parfait. Both starters were perfect and under £6.


Vegetarian main meals can often be a real disappointment, bland, boring and uncreative. They don’t need to be full of goats cheese, I know a lot of veggies who hate the stuff! It was great to see an interesting vegetarian dish on the menu, nothing too fancy, but creative and honest so I made my choice with confidence and was not disappointed. Roasted summer vegetable tagine with thyme & shallot rösti; heaven!


Husband went for English rump of lamb with North African spice & summer roasted vegetables from the specials menu and absolutely loved it.

When it comes to dessert we are sometimes fairly uncreative with our choices if there is a dark chocolate option so we both had the Chocolate & Digestive Tart which we happily devoured in minutes. If I was to be slightly picky I would have loved some berries with mine like red currents or raspberries but that is just a personal preference. So once again we left very happy customers, so happy they might see us again this next weekend!


Consultant’s Conclusion

Pretty spot-on to be honest. They have an excellent blog on their website which they use very well with recipes, videos and articles on food sourcing. I am surprised that they only have 451 Likes on Facebook and I would advise investing in further social media marketing, when applied correctly it works wonders for a local restaurant. Run a Facebook competition using an App to encourage more Likes and get more interactive, integrating the campaign with Email. I am not sure about their current email communications as I only signed up last week but have not heard anything as yet. This is another really important communication tool for a local restaurant. They are especially active on Tripadvisor, (ranked number 1 in Hertford) responding to each review which is very impressive and shows how much they care about their customers.

So check them out, if you are ever anywhere near Hertford or St Albans, Lussmanns is well worth a visit!

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