Making A Restaurant & Hotel Marketing Agency Work For You

Recessions are a sad fact, but marketing is the last thing you should cut from your budgets


Vic Searl

It’s widely reported that the current recession is unlike any recession before it. So in unprecedented times it makes sense to look for smarter ways to cut costs.

Salaries are often the biggest expenditure for a hospitality business yet the roles your staff play are often vital to its success. It’s one thing to cut hours from a rota but making savings from salaried staff such as a Marketing Manager is another thing completely and no business can afford to compromise their marketing during these difficult times.

If you’re thinking about recruiting a marketing manager take a few minutes to think about the job they will do and the hours they will take to do it. Could an agency give you and your business some much needed flexibility?

It’s not hard to see why clever operators consistently rely on marketing agencies to help drive revenue

Tips On Choosing An Agency For Restaurants & Hotels

Target Your Spending

By using an agency you can spend your budget in the most effective way. You’re often able to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience in many disciplines including graphic design, online marketing, web design and staff training – driving new business and making your existing business count!

Stop & Start

You are able to stop using an agency’s services whenever you want, giving you real financial flexibility when you need it. Turn us on and off according to your budget

Make Ideas Work

Many marketing managers still need to outsource some services, such as email communications and online marketing. Marketing agencies are often experts in all marketing and communication techniques and can make your ideas work

More Bang For Your Buck

You only pay an agency when they’re working, saving you money and making sure your campaigns aren’t compromised during holiday and sick leave. An agency will still be constantly driving sales when the rest of head office are on holiday!

Strength & Support

Whether you’re a new start-up or an established business a great agency can steer you through uncertain times with confidence, letting you turn economic instability into a fantastic opportunity for growth

Tried & Tested

Choosing an agency that works exclusively with the hospitality industry means it will have refined its processes, giving you the most focused and relevant service for your needs


Hand pick from an agencies range of services and support your existing in-house team

How To Get The Most From Your Agency

Working with an agency is the natural choice for many big operators, but how do YOU get the most from the relationship?

Many companies assign their entire marketing budget to an agency so it’s certainly a credible option if you are looking for a way to achieve your goals while retaining much needed flexibility.

Take an objective look at your business, it’s marketing requirements and consider how much time you can afford to invest and have a chat with a couple of agencies and decide if they fit into the culture of your company.

Recruiting an agency is the most measurable way of achieving your goals

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