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Ignite’s MAKO team bring you THREE convincing reasons to be greener


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

MAKO At Ignite

We’d like to introduce you to a very exciting new team. MAKO, or Make A Kinder Office, is all about creating an ethos of sustainability here at Ignite. The team comprises Gemma Hareb and Egle Sanna from our Design Team, Charlotte from our Accounts Team, and Mish Allmark-West from our Concepts team.

MAKO life as an initiative to raise awareness about how we can reduce our daily impact on the environment. MAKO isn’t about forcing changes or making people feel guilty. It’s simply about encouraging consciousness of the environment in everyday decisions.

MAKO think the UK’s introduction of the 5p levy on single-use plastic bags is a great example of sustainable changes in action. Initially, there were public grumblings about the additional cost and effort. Nevertheless, we quickly got used to bringing our own bags to the supermarket! Furthermore, this initiative has reduced single-use plastic bags given out by major retailers by 85% – down from 140 to 25 bags for the average person each year. It just goes to show the great positives that can come out of small changes.

MAKO has already made sure that every new starter at Ignite is now given an Ignite branded tote bag and water bottle, to encourage reduced plastic use. Some more of its goals at Ignite include:

Sustainable sourcing of all food and beverages

Working towards greater energy efficiency

Installing Terracycle recycling stations

Sourcing environmentally-friendly cleaning products from refill shops

Support for a like-minded charity such as Marine Conservation Society, Compassion in World Farming, Sustainable Food Trust, Felix Project or Sustain.

MAKO Far and Wide

We do nothing by halves here at Ignite, and MAKO has big ambitions for the future. Once MAKO have done all they can to drive an ethos of sustainability within the Ignite office, they’d like to start encouraging Ignite’s clients to do the same.

As consumers cook less and eat out more, we are starting to lose contact with the raw ingredients that make up our delicious food and drink. The hospitality industry is worth near to £100 billion in the UK. With over 18 years’ experience in this field, Ignite knows a thing or two about consumer behaviour in bars, restaurants and hotels. The importance of improving the sustainability of your hospitality business cannot be overstated.

So why go green?

Conserve your bread and butter: Humans are dependent on our healthy ecosystems for necessary food production. This means you have a responsibility to protect your business’s most important product. It’s that simple, guys.

Run your business more efficiently: Every year, £2.5bn worth of food is wasted by the UK hospitality and food service industry. By reducing waste, businesses can prevent harmful by-products from their creation being released into the environment. Moreover, when businesses adopt sustainable practices, they reduce operating costs.

Attract and retain customers: Working towards a healthier planet and a kinder world is a great tool for our clients’ marketing kits. Sustainability is becoming an important factor in decision-making when choosing a hospitality venue today, and failing to adopt sustainable practices may ultimately hurt your business, especially with regards to millennial consumers, who view and publicise their buying habits as evidence of their moral convictions.

Have you begun the important task of making your business more sustainable? MAKO would love to hear from you, whether you’ve got tips for us or are looking for a little help.

Stay tuned for Part II of this article, in which we’ll be pulling our sleeves up to bring you practical tips in adopting a sustainable lifestyle and workplace.

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