Meet CHAD (or The Way We Developed Our Core Values)

Acknowledging the acceleration with which we are growing, formally defining our values became priority #1.


Paul West

We’re on an exciting journey here at Ignite, having grown revenue and our team by almost 100% over the last year. Of course high growth brings (almost) as many new challenges as it does benefits: for us ensuring our new recruits are on board with the Ignite vision, is of paramount importance.

When you’re a start-up with only a handful of people it’s pretty easy to keep each other aligned with the philosophy of the company. You all share a small room with a couple of desks. You formed a team together in the first place because you shared a vision on how & why things should be done. But pass that ten people mark and things start to change: recruitment becomes a shared responsibility; departments have their own needs and pressures, and cliques evolve both socially and in the office.

Acknowledging the acceleration with which we are growing, formally defining our values became priority #1. This is the starting point for forming the culture of our agency.

Our Values Process

Determining our shared beliefs and principles is a fascinating process for the entire team. Everyone has been involved from the get-go: having recognised that values imposed by the management team are akin to setting rules. And we’re really not about dictating rules! No, our values would be developed as a team.

We started with a workshop, using techniques that got us all talking about what made us who we are and what we all stand for. Team bonding and developing shared values should be an organic process and I feared making these activities compulsory would lead to a spate of sudden illnesses or worse, stony indifference. After explaining why we are doing this and what it means to the company we were rewarded with overwhelming enthusiasm from the team. Of course plying them all with booze and food afterwards was a handy incentive!

As hoped, our workshop caused an insight avalanche: a snowstorm of sticky notes and flip pads full of interesting ideas. The management team began analysing the results and were excited to discover these could be easily grouped into value headings. As well as some great new ideas there were also clear consistencies between what the leadership team had initially considered and what the whole team came up with.

Finally, we presented the results back to the team and asked everyone what they thought. We were thrilled (and a little relieved!) that there were nods of agreement all round. Our new values were born!

We’re so CHAD!

We are really proud of the results and excited to share our values. We hope that they will help people, especially those of you thinking of working with us or joining our team, to better understand who we are and what we’re all about.

Drum roll, please… Our Ignite Core Values are:


We believe in the spirit of the group, because together we are more exciting and successful. We develop authentic partnerships both internally within our team and externally with our clients.


To be human is to genuinely connect with people, to endeavor to understand behavior and build trust. No bullshit, direct connection that is instinctively sincere, warm, honest & kind.


Brave by nature, independently minded & not afraid to fail – eager to explore new frontiers. We challenge, we learn, we explore, we test.


A doggedness, constantly driving forwards, a belief in continual incremental improvement.

This is CHAD.

Behaviours Next!

Culture is defined as ‘The Values & Practices of your organisation’ so the next step of this journey is to translate our new values into behaviours. How will our values influence how we behave with each other, with our clients and with our suppliers? 

We’re running workshops for that too, but that’s another story for another blog post. Eventually all this will result in an Ignite Culture Code, which in the spirit of CHAD, we’ll share with everyone. Watch this space!

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