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We love Work Experience Interns! Our latest recruit, Sam Groves, shares his experience at Ignite



When I first confirmed my work experience at Ignite Hospitality with Paul, Lorna and Chabbi, I was excited but understandably nervous. However, within the first half an hour of arriving on Monday, I had already overcome all nerves and was made to feel comfortable and welcome by my friendly co-workers. For first impressions of a workplace, the Ignite office was very impressive to me; for one, I was delighted to see that there was an office dog, Bale, who was known by everyone. The community seemed extremely amiable and everyone was exceptionally helpful.

To start my experience, the studio manager, Chabbi, set me up to test out a website being developed for a restaurant called Pho. It was very hard to spot flaws and I had to be very meticulous, which I felt slightly bad about, but I hope my input was useful. After I had run through my observations with Chabbi, he asked me to brainstorm some ideas about how to promote a bar using the World Cup as a relevant marketing technique on facebook. It required a short and snappy sentence or two to intrigue a reader. I came up with a few ideas and the next morning I ran through them with Grace, the Account Manager for that client. She explained some of the techniques one could use to advertise on Facebook; the formalities behind hashtags etc.

This whole week, my aim had been to gain as much experience/knowledge of what it’s like working in a firm like this and to help with this, Chabbi aimed for me to spend a day with all the different teams which make up Ignite. I had an experience with the digital team on Tuesday when Ruggero gave me a task to collect data from different voucher marketing methods. I compared the created vouchers with redeemed so that he could analyze this information. This gave me an insight into how methods of marketing are optimised.

One of the highlights of my experience with Ignite was on Wednesday when I was given the opportunity to attend a major meeting between Freuds, a public relations company, and two entrepreneurs with the intent of coming up with some of the initial brand strategies and comms ideas for a new University. I was able to sit in and observe what goes into these types of meetings and even got to contribute some ideas. It was great to feel part of something potentially massive. After this I witnessed Germany get knocked out of the group stage by South Korea on a large screen in the lobby. That was brilliant.

On Thursday, after brainstorming with Aimie, the Creative Strategist, some ideas for the University project, I ventured downstairs to work with the Dev team, where I learned how to code using HTML and listened to techno. That was definitely an experience I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. On Friday, I started the morning working with Design team where I gained a better understanding of what goes into designing a new website or logo. I progressed with the university project and researched current university logos, websites and transitions on websites. From this, I created some mood boards on ‘InDesign’ where I could display my findings.

What was great about this week was that everything I was given to do were genuine jobs that needed to be done and were beneficial to the progress of the Ignite team. I was included by everyone in the office and they all made an effort to make this experience a great one. There was not a point during this week that I was bored. I think it’s safe to say I have a much greater appreciation for what goes into marketing. The week has gone too quickly, and I hope I will be able to come back to help out.

We loved having you with us, Sam, and we loved this write up! Best of luck with your exams and don’t forget to drop in and say hello soon.

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