Naked Cowboy Times Square – Marketing Publicity Stunts

Back to basics attention grabbing marketing from the Naked Cowboys - grabs more attention than a mile high screen


Sam Trainor-Buckingham

I came across the infamous Naked Cowboy in Times Square today, quite a sight:

naked cowboy times square

And here he is again, back when it was a little colder:

naked cowboy times square in the snow

Aside from the attraction of writing about naked cowboys, it got me thinking about the power of good marketing and publicity stunts. The attention the Naked Cowboy received in one of the worlds most attention competitive environments is impressive.
Amongst thousands of 100ft digital marketing adverts, bouncing M&M men and the chaos of Times Square – it was the Naked Cowboy that caught passerby’s imagination.

Why? It’s different, contextual (very American) and funny. Sometimes the simple things, done well – will get you the attention you seek.

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