The Ignite Weekender 08.02.19

Where to find the best pizza in London for National Pizza Day!


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

ATTENZIONE: According to a survey recently commissioned by Perfect Home, 50% of Londoners are obsessed with pizza and would choose it over every other cuisine.

As Digital Marketers, Ignite loves a nice, solid, numerical fact. Give us some performance statistics to analyse and we’re in 7th heaven. But the figure above is alarming. 

We’re sure you can see why: 50% is dangerously low. Having previously considered EVERY day to be National Pizza Day, we are just so relieved that a date has been dedicated to bumping the numbers.

Restaurants participating in National Pizza Day are offering a generous discount (up to 30% off) on pizzas nationwide this Sunday with a downloadable voucher. Here’s our pick of the best.


This soho pizzeria’s speciality is Chicago style – a variant that deserves a little more love in the UK. Truly earning the nickname of ‘pie’, these deep dish delights go hard on fillings. A little known contender in the best pizza race, Jape’s is the perfect pre-or-post drinking fuel.

Radio Alice

We love this pizzeria’s branding. Their floral patterns of which speak to us of sun-filled skies and bountiful pizza pies. A serious challenger for the fairest of them all, their colourful pizza’s profligate use of cruciferous toppings have almost convinced us they’re a health food. Hey, the US decreed pizza to be a vegetable back in 2011 – there’s a precedent here people.

Goose Island Brewpub

We’re torn here – on the one hand, Goose Island’s in-house brewery makes a strong case for eating in. However, when their pizza boxes were designed by none other than ourselves, the takeaway case has legs. Whichever you decide, you can rest assured that you’ll be rewarded for your tough decision-making with delicious food and very large smiles.

Four Hundred Rabbits

When half of the Ignite office demands to be heard, proclaiming South London to have the strongest pizzas in the game, you’d better pay attention. Four Hundred Rabbits goes a long way to verifying this belief. Their high-quality pizzas, made with the absolute finest ingredients, will soothe any Londoners’ hungry tummies and feet (after an intrepid journey below the river).

Voodoo Rays

London finds itself disappointingly lacking in quality late night food spots. Voodoo Rays, open till 3am in some locations, hits the nail on the head, also producing fabulous frozen margaritas in to-go cups if you’re intent on keeping the party alive. Served by the slice, New York style, there’s always a great playlist and fun vibes to be found.

Images courtesy of Boxpark, Design My Night, Absolutely London, Goose Island Brewpub and Japes.

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