Facebook Multi Product Ads – New Kids On The Social Block Part 1

Social media has always evolved at a rapid pace and today more than ever we are seeing quick changes in user behaviour patterns.


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Social media has always evolved at a rapid pace and today more than ever we are seeing quick changes in user behaviour patterns. This is the first in a series of articles focusing on the ever changing social landscape and the necessity to adapt with the main social platforms.

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One product that we have been blown away by at Ignite is Facebook Multi Product Ads. This new feature for clicks to website campaigns allows advertisers to showcase up to five images, each one of them with their own copy and destination landing page.

This ad type is particularly useful when you want to promote different products or services that are relevant to the same audience. You can also get creative and create a sequence with a storyline alongside the images!

We have tested the multi-product ads with a few of our restaurant clients and it has proved to be very attractive to the users. Also, it shows the information in a very neat and organised way, inviting users to interact by scrolling to the right to see the hidden images.

We have found that the relevance score and general results from these ads are much better than the usual clicks to website ads. Well-done Facebook!

In order to implement multi-product ads you need to use Power Editor. Once you are in your Facebook Advertising account within Power Editor, start setting up a clicks to website campaign the way you would usually do it. In the ‘Create Advert’ section select ‘Multiple images and links in one advert’.


You will then be able to create your main text for the advert; select your images, headline, description and a dedicated URL for each image. You can either let Facebook automatically select and order images and links or you can keep it static if your images need to be in a pre-determined sequence.

The result will look like the following examples:
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We have compared the results from Facebook multi product adverts with the previous website clicks ads that we have created for the same clients. Although we haven’t tested this product with all our clients yet and it has only been live for a few weeks, the results achieved are impressive.

We are comparing click-through rate (for total actions and website clicks) and cost-per-click, considering that reach and impressions is more relevant to the audience than the ad format.

– The clicks and total actions per impression have increased massively – our clients’ click-through rate increased an average of 800%!

– The cost-per-click is an average of 30% lower than that for the clicks to website ads we run during the last 3 months

– The average of website clicks increased massively too. The number of website clicks per impression in multi-product ads compared with other clicks to website ads show an increase of 900%

We encourage all advertisers to try this new Facebook ad format; especially those in industries like Retail where they can benefit from showcasing different products at once.

When we think about the next step for Facebook multi-product ads our minds go straight to being able to combine them with Facebook Retargeting. With this powerful combination we could present a variety of products and content that are very relevant to an already segmented audience (based on their behavior in the website) and take them to the most optimised landing page for that specific content. So, FBX, when will that happen?! To find out how Ignite’s expert digital team can help your hospitality business with a social media campaign, please get in touch.

Look out for our next article in this series, looking at Twitter Promoted Video!

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