Twitter Promoted Videos – New Kids On The Social Block Part 2

Following our recent post about Promoted Facebook Ads our ace digital marketing team continue their 'New Kids On The Social Block' series, diving into the world of Twitter Promoted Video


Estefanía Rodríguez
Digital Marketing Executive

Its no secret that video has become the social media content format of choice, especially on mobile. Plus, users turn to Twitter to know what’s cooking around their world. – Then, what was the logical solution to this equation? Twitter promoted video.

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Yes! Twitter has recently introduced an in-app native video player that is set to drive even more brand engagement on this real-time conversation platform.

Since this is still Beta, one needs to get Twitter Team to enable the feature in the desired account. Only then will you have the cool ‘New Campaign > Video Views’ option.


You will then need to create the video card through ‘Creatives > Videos’ and then select it to promote (as you can’t do this directly in the campaign builder just yet). You can upload any video file format with a duration of up to 10 minutes directly to Twitter Ads platform. Make sure your video is optimised for mobile, as there is where 90% of your ads will inevitably be served.

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You should also select a great thumbnail image that invites to click the play button!

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After this, you are all set to compose an exciting tweet and chose the right targeting options to connect with your audience.

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This is a pay per view system and users have to make the choice to click play – the video does not play automatically like it does in other channels – so we can expect quality views and users willing to watch longer videos because of this choice. It is essential to convey the main message to users as soon as possible so that they chose to continue watching. Make sure you deliver great content that is able to spark conversation!

Twitter very own Analytics will break down how much of the video users are watching for your reference.

Here at Ignite we couldn’t wait to test this new feature and the result looked like this:

– To our surprise, direct conversions came in from Twitter promoted video which is excellent as video is not necessary a conversion driven format but more of an awareness generation agent

 – The cost-per-click remained in line with the client’s average; not remarkably higher or lower as we have witnessed when using video in other channels
12% of viewers watched 100% of the video

 – The click-through rate achieved by these promoted videos however was the highest amongst the other channels we used in this particular multi-channel campaign and the cost-per-conversion was the lowest!

Overall, we were very satisfied with this first test and are currently using Twitter promoted video in other on-going campaigns. We will continue experimenting and leveraging on video’s great potential – It is really exciting to explore new advertising formats that work and ignite successful social campaigns!  To find out how Ignite’s expert digital team can help your hospitality business with a social media campaign, please get in touch.

Look out for more upcoming features about the new kids on the social block!

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