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With Social Media Week coming to a close, October was a month PACKED with social media news. …



With Social Media Week coming to a close, October was a month PACKED with social media news. Here’s our rundown of the most important points. From social media influencers to Tik Tok tactics… 


Social Media Week

First things first, Social Media Week happened. So, let’s get into it. The main topics of discussion were around social platforms needing to be more regulated. Currently, the wild west of the web feed just isn’t quite cutting it. The awareness around the negative impacts of social media on mental health and the problem of influencer fraud is growing, and so is the responsibility of social media CEOs to keep on top of it. What does this mean for the future of our social media freedom? We’ll keep you posted. 

Social Self Care

The idea of ‘Social Self Care’ is also starting to pick up speed. This means users taking active steps to reduce screen time, and limiting exposure to mental health hazards such as impossible lifestyle standards. Instagram has already responded by removing vanity metrics such as ‘likes’, and we’re curious to see what happens next. With social trust being in rapid decline (63% of users don’t trust social media platforms, according to a recent YouGov Survey), Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok will all be keen to avoid further scrutiny.

Robot social media influencers!?

The world of AI robot influencers is on the rise. AI influencers such as @lilmiquela (pictured above) have follower counts over 1.7million. With AI becoming more intelligent by the month, it was inevitable that human influencers would face some serious competition.  Being able to download your own social media influencer is a very interesting concept. Would you buy a product from a digital painting in disguise as a person? Or take lifestyle advice from a few lines of code?  Maybe you already have.

Tik Tok taking off

Unless you’ve taken a 6-month break from the internet recently, you must have seen at least a few Tik Tok videos floating around. They’re pretty unavoidable at this point, as Tik Tok is becoming a go-to platform for Gen Z. Following the decline of Vine, Tik Tok grabbed the opportunity to become the next big thing in light-hearted video sharing. Not everybody has the time to invest in a YouTube career, but everyone can throw together a quick Tik Tok. As brands are trying to be more playful, informal, and relatable in their advertising, Tik Tok could become a big player in marketing to the current generation.

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