Restaurant Marketing Ideas – Bodean’s BBQ Restaurant

Bodean's BBQ Restaurant in Soho serves up a great Marketing Loyalty Program


Sam Trainor-Buckingham

Visited the BBQ Rib sensation Bodean’s at the weekend, great food and enjoyed settling into a classic New York environment.

I was particularly struck by the effectiveness of their core marketing communication – THE Q CARD – which offers a different deal a day for those who sign up and receive their Q CARD in the post.

The impact of an offer a day catches the customers’ attention, and communicates value without feeling like a ‘discount restaurant’. They’re offering good offers to their most valued guests, which reinforces a sense that they care if you visit often.

The downside to this type of promotion is there’s an instant barrier of having to receive a physical card in the post, and there was also a distinct lack of a QR Code directing customers eating in the restaurant to sign up.

Importantly, the data they’re collecting through this permanent promotion is extremely powerful and will allow them to meaningfully connect with customers moving forwards – leading to long-term success.

Very smart Bodean’s, simple but effective – we’re impressed.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a monthly ‘curve ball’ promo – the wild card – to keep interest alive amongst sign ups?

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