September Social Scoop

It's been a busy month for social media platforms! Lots of updates have been made, and loads …


Charlotte Price
Senior Social Media & Influencer Marketing Specialist

It’s been a busy month for social media platforms! Lots of updates have been made, and loads of useful findings regarding user behaviour changes have emerged. 


User-generated content, and influencers

User-generated content is now the way forward, with 50% of consumers finding user-generated content more memorable than brand-produced content. We’re also at a new high in terms of content overall, with users sifting through 5,000 messages and ads a day. Consumers, especially the Millenials and Gen Zers, are becoming much more savvy with the content they engage with. These groups can see through unrealistic messaging (such as KFC/Burger King style imagery never matching up to the real thing). Instead, they seek content which is authentic and real, but also relatable and creative – such as that which is user-generated. 

Influencers play an important role in user-generated content. Most influencers develop a creative style and brand, which they can use to enhance products and services they showcase. Working with the right influencers can also ensure you have relatable and authentic content.



IGTV is starting to really take off as a feature on Instagram, however, to many brands it is still a mystery. The IGTV feature is a fully immersive way of sharing longer-form content. It’s also an easy way for users to watch video content on the go, from bloggers or brands of interest. Videos can be up to 10 mins long on IGTV, whereas feed videos can only be 60 seconds, and Instagram Stories only 15 seconds. 

For a successful IGTV strategy, it’s important to have a clear format to your videos. This means using repeatable themes, and a consistent style. Instagram stories provide a great way to ask your audience what they want to see, and to test out snippets before you publish on IGTV. From that point, you can build up to the launch of a new video. 


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