Smart Retargeting Lists

The new retargeting option from Google could end up being a lot more useful than it sounds.


Marta Sierra
Digital Marketing Manager

I confess I don’t always find Google reliable when choosing audiences in Display campaigns or broad keywords in Search campaigns.

More often than not you will find search terms that Google considered “synonyms” of your keywords (and can’t be further away from that) or a lot of dating sites chosen automatically in the placements of a Families campaign about kid meals discounts. Controlling campaigns from these kind of errors has become one of the main tasks of the account optimisers – creating and expanding negative keyword lists and negative placements lists, checking search terms reports, etc.

However this new retargeting option – “Allow Google to manage my list for me” – could end up being much better than it sounds. The data that Google is going to analyse in order to retarget visitors from one or other page from your website is coming straight from Google Analytics:

 […your list will be customized based on the unique characteristics that cause your visitors to convert..]

Usability related variables like visit duration or bounce rate, eCommerce and goals and, best of all, data related with location, device or browser will be taken into account to predict which of your users are most likely to convert during a later visit (or at least that’s what they say). If this is the case, and we will soon find out, it sounds only logical to use our website’s data to make smarter targeting decisions – and would form an interesting addition to the optimisation mix.

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