SUMMER RECIPE: Beer-can Chicken (Free-range, of course)

Recipe for Beer Can Chicken from leading consultants Ignite Hospitality


Ignite Editor

Beer-can chicken, or as it’s more affectionately known ‘Beer-in-the-Butt Roast’, is a no-brainer recipe for a lazy Sunday in the sun. Here’s how to bbq that bird on a throne good-and-proper:

Warning: Expect no leftovers.

Shopping List:


  1. Heat up your BBQ or turn on your oven to 180 degree C
  2. Choose your preferred rub or stuff and massage your bird
  3. Drink half the beer while you prepare the bird
  5. Cut the top half of your beer can and discard
  6. Put the can in the middle of a baking tray (for oven roasting) or on the bbq grill (if using a grill, place foil or a tray underneath to capture the juices)
  7. Carefully ‘seat’ the chicken over the beer can – legs straddling either side – ensuring the beer can is partially inside

As the bird heats, so does the liquid in the can, creating a plume of steam into the interior of the chicken. The result is a moist and flavorful chicken fit for a king.

Serve warm with salad and sides.

Alternative flavours:*

*Ignite can not be held responsible for the outcome of these options.


By Ignite Editor


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