The Ignite Weekender 25.01.19

A special Burns Night edition for our favourite Scottish feast


Rose Tobin
Marketing & Concepts Executive

We all associate Burns Night with some seriously cosy vibes. It’s all about tasty whisky, maybe a touch of haggis and some comfortable camaraderie.

…And that might be enough for the folks up in Scotland. But the hospitality scene in London just can’t be trusted to leave well enough alone. It’s inevitable. They can’t help themselves. They’ve got to mix it up.

Luckily, the “Burns Night 2.0” going on across the Capital’s restaurants this year is shaking things up very cheerfully. There’s such warmth and so much Scottish good cheer, there’s nothing to offend here.

Just tasty whisky, maybe a touch of haggis, and, oh yes, a Silent Disco.

Smith & Wollensky Burns Night Supper

Putting an American twist on this Scottish festival seems to suit this iconic steakhouse very nicely. With Macallan 12 year whisky, and all the neeps and tatties one’s heart might desire on the menu, you can sit back and hail your haggis comfortably in classic, downlit, USA style.

The Trafalgar St. James Rooftop

If you’re a whisky fan but the idea of things breaking out into a frenzied ceilidh sends dread to your immoveable feet, this rooftop whisky tasting will be right up your alley. From what is probably the best location in London, period, this Trafalgar Square rooftop shindig also includes a complimentary cigar for your puffing pleasure.

Brigadiers Burns Night Feast

Whisky has been a big deal at Brigadiers since the restaurant’s beginning, with their incredible Whisky vending machine swiftly becoming the stuff of legends amongst London’s liquor lovers. Their Indian-spun Burns Night Feast includes such delectable treats as Haggis Nargisi Kofta with Bone-Marrow and Lacha Paratha, a whisky flight, and bagpipers to play the party through the night.

Mac & Wild’s Burns Night Silent Ceilidh

It just wouldn’t be a 200-year-old celebration of Scottish brotherhood and poetry without a few headphone-wearing ravers sidestepping around a Central London terrace. Mac and Wild is the last name in Scottish fun down in London and we always knew they’d knock it out of the park on Burns Night, but this year’s celebrations at Devonshire Terrace which have been promoted by none other than David Beckham, takes the shortcake honouring Rabbie’s notorious party loving spirit.

Images courtesy of Mac & Wild, Brigadiers, The Trafalgar St. James and Smith & Wollensky.

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