Top 5 Design Trends 2015

With the ‘Flat Design’ trend maturing, designers are seeking ways to add much needed depth.


Adam Snow
Design Team Manager

Here at Ignite we always like to keep an eye on what’s new in Design.  Here’s a look at what I think will be big in design trends 2015:

1. The Smart Watch

As we already know, 2015 is set be the year of wearable tech. For designers, the smart watch, in particular, poses a new challenge: how do we convey information precisely and concisely, within a further reduced screen size?

We think the answer lies in stripping back. Yes even more.

For instance, smart watch apps will rely on a strong visual hierarchy, minimal text and clear navigation, to ensure the best possible experience. For designers this means getting to grips with new design patterns and modules for smaller screens.

2. Responsive Web Design

Nothing new perhaps, but we should start considering a far more responsible approach to responsive web design. There are rising numbers of people in developing countries whose only access to the Internet is through mobile.

This means a greater emphasis on keeping a mobile first approach and designing to these lower bandwidth devices.

3. Flat Design

With the ‘Flat Design’ trend maturing, designers are seeking ways to add much needed depth. Apple’s recent OS and iOS may have taken flat to the extreme, but Google Material may have hit the note just right in terms of its interactivity and animations!

4. Animation

We’ve always experimented with new animation techniques and 2015 will be no different. Designing playful, but unobtrusive, interactions within websites, plays an integral role in the user experience.

5. HTML5

Ignite will be placing a greater emphasis on the development of HTML5 advertising within the coming months, with a move away from legacy file types like flash and gif adverts (though there will always be room for cat gifs in our office!)

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