Top Ten Table Tips – Engage Customers In Your Restaurant

Top 10 Tips for engaging customers in your restaurant


Vic Searl

For smart ways to market your restaurant, bar or gastro pub look no further than your tables

  1. Sell Sell Sell! Paper placemats are a brilliant way to communicate with your diners. It’s proven that certain items listed on a placemat sell more than on a menu (it’s why Wagamama put their desserts on theirs)
  2. Show A Little Personality. Items on the table give big clues about your brand. A pot of loose cutlery says that things are relaxed and informal while salt and pepper grinders make a promise about the quality of your food. Use your table set up as a ‘touch point’ for your brand, highlighting your brand attributes
  3. Read All About It. While your customers wait for service or food give them a little light reading. A table talker or flyer propped up amongst the condiments can communicate your key messages very quickly and become a talking point at the table
  4. Here’s My Card. When delivering a bill or receipt to a table make sure you add a couple of your restaurant or bar’s business cards to the tray. Once your guest has picked up your card they’ve connected with your brand and will more than likely come back or recommend you to friends
  5. Tell Us What You Think. It’s essential to find out what your customers feel about their experience so make sure that they get a chance to tell you what they think right there at the table. Make sure your feedback cards arrive with a working pen! (Here’s some top tips on the perfect feedback card)
  6. Superstar Servers. Your team are walking talking marketing tools so make sure they are confident and full of knowledge about your food, drink and brand
  7. What’s On The Menu? As well as listing your food and drink offering, your menu can be a really effective way of marketing your brand. Olive & Earth’s menu gives information about it’s commitment to free-range and ethically sourced food as well as contact details, opening times and special offers
  8. Inform & Educate your customer. Bible Studies Revolution Vodka Bars use table top ‘Vodka Bibles’ to give detailed information about some of their premium products. Your customer is far more likely to ‘up-grade’ if they feel informed and happy that they are getting a better product. (A great looking booklet will get stolen so be creative about ways to get the info across)
  9. Reminders. Reminders should be left on the table to encourage repeat ordering. A scaled down drinks list with snacks or sides will encourage your customers to order more
  10. Service Standards. The service your table receives will be communicated far and wide so make sure it’s consistently exceptional. Happy customers are the best endorsement ever and are much more effective than virtually any other form of marketing. Take time to listen to your teams approach and get them to take ownership of fantastic service in your restaurant or bar
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